Busy Engineers Guide to Deploying on K8s Part 2 - Kind

Post Valid as of October 12, 2021.

Busy Engineer’s Guide to Deploying On K8s

This is a continuation from the last post in the series. There are three primary ways to run Kubernetes locally on a notebook: Kind, k3d, and Minikube. I personally far prefer k3d due to it having good defaults to get up and running with stateful sets long before the other two and it can create large worker nodes, these have lead to a loyalty to the product. However, my org seems to have standardized on Kind for most of their CI so I will be covering that here as it is the easiest for my coworkers to find help and documentation. It is also an excellent product to get started with Kubernetes.

Install Kind Mac and Linux

Setup kind to access your GitHub credentials

What did we do

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