Post a day

I have read that people try to write daily, and I always thought this was a bit silly, even if laudable. The idea of trying to take something and make it a habit is commendable. Still, I am not sure anyone will have high-quality writing every day. Furthermore, my state of mind changes so often it is difficult for me to do anything once a day. It is just not natural for me, even if I have known plenty of people who seemed to thrive on daily habits for decades.

However, I am going to try to do just this. Why? There are three goals I have that even if I fail at this task, I feel the failure is irrelevant and the benefits are potentially significant:

  1. Focus my thoughts. I do not believe I can do this with a bunch of long rambling posts just due to lack of time, so I hope the result will be shorter and focused on little ideas that stand on their own. I believe many of the most excellent and most approachable writing is like this.
  2. Practice my writing in English. My personal life is more dominated by French and periods Spanish, this leaves little time for English, and I am starting to lose touch.
  3. Capture some of my better ideas. Sometimes I have an idea that resonates, and if I do not write it down, it effectively becomes lost. Maybe it stays with that group of people, but it doesnù't continues to grow too rapidly.

In light of the above, this is it for today. Thank you to those of you reading this.