My Cassandra 2.0 Diagnostics Checklist (Brain Dump)


This list needs to be updated and as of today only has been verified with Cassandra 2.0.

Original Blog Post:

This isn’t remotely complete, but I had a colleague ask me to do a brain dump of my process and this is by and large usually it. I’m sure this will leave more questions than answers for many of you, and I’d like to follow up this post at some point with detail of the why and the how of a lot of it so it can be more useful to beginners. Today this is in a very raw form.

Important metrics to collect

Import facts to collect

Bad things to look for in logs

Typically screwed up settings

Typically screwed up cassandra.yaml settings

Typically bad things in histograms

Typically bad things in tpstats

Typically screwed up keyspace settings

Typically screwed up CF settings

Typically bad things in nodetool status

Performance tuning Cassandra for write heavy workloads

Performance Tuning Code for write heavy workloads

Once you’ve established the system is awesome. Review queries and code.