Java Dependency Management with Apache Ivy

Not wanting to ditch your already built well working ant scripts for the plugin-centric view of Maven, especially if your project structure doesn’t line up quite right with Maven’s point of view? Enter Apache Ivy which like Maven can automatically download and resolve all of your dependencies and their dependencies for you with just a few simple lines of XML (if only I could get rid of the XML Part).



I decided to include the default scripts I start with. This should get you up and running and give you a template for solving some of the hassle I went through. Just place next to each other in your top level project directory, ivy.xml, ivysettings.xml, and build.xml if you plan on using Ant integration. Also for ant integration make sure you have ivy-2.1.0.jar in “$ANT_HOME/lib” and all should be well. Please ask for clarification on anything, I’ll do another post if I get enough questions.